Fine Pitch COB LED Panel for Superb Visuals

ACE PRO, an exceptional LED panel platform designed for permanent installations. With remarkable visual performance, use Chip on Board technology delivers high contrast, wide color gamut, and exceptional color accuracy, providing an unparalleled high-definition viewing experience. Its energy-efficient common cathode design saves costs and extends the panel's service life, making it a sustainable choice.

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Designed for Demanding Applications

Designed for Demanding Applications

The ACE PRO LED panel platform is specifically designed to meet the requirements of demanding applications. Whether it's for control rooms, broadcast studios, command centers, or other professional settings, the ACE PRO panel excels in delivering exceptional performance and visuals.
Remarkable Visual Performance

Remarkable Visual Performance

The ACE PRO LED panel utilizes Chip-on-Board (COB) technology to achieve remarkable visual performance. It offers high contrast ratios, allowing for deep blacks and vibrant colors. The wide color gamut ensures a rich and immersive viewing experience, while the exceptional color accuracy ensures precise and true-to-life color reproduction.
High-Definition<br>Viewing Experience

Viewing Experience

With its COB technology and advanced display capabilities, the ACE PRO LED panel provides an unparalleled high-definition viewing experience. Whether displaying detailed graphics, intricate designs, or high-resolution videos, the panel delivers sharpness, clarity, and fine details, enhancing the overall visual impact.
Ultra-Light and<br>Slim Design

Ultra-Light and
Slim Design

The ACE PRO LED panel features an ultra-light and slim design, making it a visually appealing choice for various environments. With a thickness of only 27mm and weighing just 4.5kg, the panels are sleek and unobtrusive, seamlessly blending into any space. This slim design adds a touch of sophistication to the installation, creating a modern and elegant visual aesthetic.
Versatile Installation<br>Options

Versatile Installation

The ACE PRO LED panel offers versatile installation options to adapt to different setups and environments. It can be easily mounted on walls, suspended from ceilings, or integrated into larger display configurations. This flexibility allows for creative and customized installations, ensuring the panels can be seamlessly incorporated into any space or application.


0.78 / 0.93 / 1.25 / 1.56 / 1.87
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Titie 0.78 0.93 1.25 1.56 1.87
Pixel Pitch 0.78mm 0.93mm 1.25mm 1.56mm 1.87mm
Max Brightness Calibrated 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits
Panel Dimension 600mm x 337.5mm x 27mm 600mm x 337.5mm x 27mm 600mm x 337.5mm x 27mm 600mm x 337.5mm x 27mm 600mm x 337.5mm x 27mm
Panel Resolution (H X V) 768 x 512 640 x 360 480 x 270 384 x 216 320 x 180
Weight Per Panel 4.5kg 4.5kg 4.5kg 4.5kg 4.5kg
Power Consumption Max / Average w/m² 75W / 35W 75W / 35W 75W / 35W 75W / 35W 75W / 35W
Transparency Solid Solid Solid Solid Solid
Serviceability Front Front Front Front Front
Viewing Angle Vertical 160° 160° 160° 160° 160°
Viewing Angle Horizontal 160° 160° 160° 160° 160°
Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz
Gray Scale 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit
Frame Material Die-casting Die-casting Die-casting Die-casting Die-casting
Operational Temp / Humidity -20°~ 60°C, 10~90% -20°~ 60°C, 10~90%  -20°~ 60°C, 10~90%  -20°~ 60°C, 10~90%  -20°~ 60°C, 10~90%
IP Rating Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor
Certifications CE, RoHS, FCC CE, RoHS, FCC CE, RoHS, FCC CE, RoHS, FCC CE, RoHS, FCC



Application Scenario

  • Broadcast facilities

    Broadcast facilities

  • Boardrooms


  • Control rooms

    Control rooms

  • Hospitality venues

    Hospitality venues

  • Corporate settings

    Corporate settings


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